Love, flowers and dogs


I love flowers. I love dogs, a lot.

I wish my house was full of rare plants and I had like 6 dogs? Three for me, three for the lady.

But I have never owned a rare plant or a dog because they are responsibilities.

I will feel extremely guilty if my plants die because I wasn’t home for three weeks or there’s nobody to feed my dogs when I am out of town.
So I wait, happy for now with these miniatures, until the day I am ready to take more responsibilities. Until the day, I can call one place my home.
Well, before all these happens, I need to find the lady who’s gonna take care of the other three. She must be good with dogs. If dogs don’t like you, you are not good enough!

We will need a home, the size of a mansion. I will need more money. And we will not get any children before our late thirties, because we will be so busy with our six dogs and because we will also need some time for ourselves. Because if you don’t water a relationship like you water a plant, it dies.