A Work in Progress


Either people don’t understand me or I can’t speak in a language they understand.

I am not an emotionally flat person. I am composed of highs and lows. Like everyone else. Like you.

I experience moments of doubts. I also have moments of confidence.

Think of emotion as a spectrum, not a point lying somewhere. And we all fluctuate within that spectrum. I experience anger, which you can say the warmest point, and I also experience love which you can say the coolest point in the spectrum.

All day every day I constantly fluctuate within this, experiencing a range of emotions like every other healthy human being.

The intensity I experience might differ from yours. Maybe I fluctuate a little too much or maybe you are a little flatter than me. But we all get to experience the variety as much as I do.

The one who writes all these awfully long statuses is the one experiencing the peak. It usually hits me very late at night or too early in the morning.

In reality, I talk about more silly staffs. I laugh a lot. I tell nasty jokes. I bond easily. I am a little less wise. Often full of doubts. I am a work in progress.

Photo Credit: Pixabay.com