In one year of volunteering, I have been taught to be less judgemental. To acknowledge the human diversity and to accept people as they are.

I ran several support groups where I met some of the most vulnerable. The goal as a facilitator was to make them comfortable sharing the things they had been hiding for years – their biggest fears and the things that won’t let them sleep at night. It wasn’t such a hard job as it might seem. All I had to do was ask them when it was their turn to speak and pass the tissues as they were about to break into tears. Not everyone wept, but many of them did.

However, the hardest part was ingesting those stores. One particular story that often flashes back was of a woman who had a physical disability. Despite being well-educated, she had to struggle hard to get a job. The one eventually she did manage to get was neither of her caliber nor well-paying. She shared how people made fun of her and treated her less of a human being because of her disability. As she told those things, she broke into tears violently. And, I had to pass the tissues a few times.

I am not going to talk about rights. I understand very little about human society. But I understand individuals, better than many. In each of us, there’s a deep deep need to be loved and accepted just the way are. We may wear several layers of makeups and fake eyelashes, but the one without the makeup wishes to be loved as much as the one with the makeup.

We want to be accepted, valued as humans, regardless of our colors.