Conflicts and Relationships


Exactly one month till my next birthday. And I am moving out.

I met my new landlady yesterday, who started by laying down all the rules and a mention that even though she knows me, she won’t be making any exceptions for me. Like the gate closing at 11:30 sharp.

I like these kinds of people when doing business. They are inflexible. But as long as you give them what they want, there’s very little chance for conflict. When dealing with such kinds of people, the only thing I need to figure out is whether their demands are realistic or not. Relationships with them are easy and manageable, as long as their demands are realistic.

The problem with such type relationships in general is, even though there’s very little room for conflict, there’s also very little room for intimacy. Conflicts make relationships interesting. Without conflicts they are dead.

So, it’s best to do business with them. But you don’t want to date them or make friends with them, because it will be one-sided and boring. Healthy relationships are where there are plenty of conflicts, but both know how to process them and both are aware of the contributions they make.

Nope, I am still single. I will be living alone in this two bedroom apartment as my parents and other family members are in another city. I will turn one into a music room. I will buy a piano and a dog to do the morning walk with.