Finding Your Tribe


If you ask me how self-aware I am on a scale of 0 to 10. My answer would be 10.

I know and measure every single aspect of my behavior. And I live a life being fully aware.

There are a few traits I don’t like but I haven’t killed yet.

For example, I enjoy being a little impulsive and driven by childlike curiosity.

Yes, sometimes, I say things that I end up regretting later. Sometimes I invent trouble for myself. But being a little impulsive also helps me experience life more vividly. I get to experience life in a way most humans can’t.

Not everyone will find me or you desirable. There will be people to fingers at you.

It is not your job to make everyone happy. You just have to find a tribe that accepts you as one of their own. You need to find people who make you look brighter and sharper, just the way green makes red bolder.