Happiness and Sufferings


For most people, life isn’t so much out of balance.

They have got enough money, they have got friends, family and maybe a somewhat sense of meaning as well. Even if they don’t, the question rarely bothers them. There’s so much in life to be busy with.

Yet most of us with a not-so-out-of-balance life aren’t as happy as we hope for. I am not saying that we are “unhappy” unhappy. But as I can tell, we miss a sense of profound satisfaction with our lives? We keep chasing things, and only to realize what we had been chasing didn’t make us as much happy as we expected it to. The cycle continues for life.

Most people take so much for granted. Life, for most, is nearly a straight line with bumps here and there. But for some unusual happens. Either they see unimaginable sufferings, or something happens to them or the ones they love. They get derailed. Things begin to get more complicated from there. The hit the lowest and slowly, painstakingly rebuild their life over again, brick by brick. These are the ones who develop a genuine appreciation for life.

Nobody can hand you over a sense of meaning. I haven’t seen or heard of a single person in life, profoundly satisfied but never saw or experienced unimaginable sufferings. Only when you have lost everything, you became aware of the privileges you’ve had. You learn, how much those ordinary moments in life matter. You begin to cherish those moments, you learn hold the ones close closer.