Life isn’t short


People often say life is short. I disagree.

If you didn’t have to sleep for 8 hours a day, if you didn’t have to brush your teeth, comb your hair or take a shower every single day of your life, if you didn’t have all those mundane things, what would you fill your life with?

Well, life wasn’t any short for my grandma who had suffered from a chronic illness and died a painful death. Can you imagine how long those seven years of her life were?

Life wasn’t short for my other grandma either. She died of cancer and I could certainly say the last two years of her life felt like an eternity.

Life wasn’t short for my grandpa after he retired. He had no place to go, he had nothing to do.

I also know… life isn’t going to be any short for me when friends are gone, I retire, the person I will love the most will no longer be there for me or when I will have nothing to do at all, just like my grandpa. What will I fill my life with, then?

I know how boring life will be then. Once you project yourself into that future and you see a glimpse of yourself, you don’t think of life the same. You begin to realize how beautiful of a gift it is. You begin to enjoy the little things.