Ready to Learn


Mom had been asking me for a while that I talk to my brother about his career. She believes that he doesn’t listen to her, but me. I had been very much reluctant to talk to him about life until yesterday.

I know what kind of parents raised us. At home, we were given adequate freedom and very little boundaries. And an abundance of love. We grew up knowing that the world is safe. We were raised curious.

Knowingly or unknowingly, they had already set the stage. You can’t change that overnight. Such parenting is actually the best. But it has its own disadvantages, especially in a world that doesn’t reward curiosity. And it demands a lot of work. So most people aren’t raised like that.

I knew he wouldn’t listen to me until he had gone through his phases, just like I didn’t. So I wanted to wait until the last fire of curiosity had been extinguished. Until the moment where he found himself clueless, and finally was ready to listen to someone who had been there too. Yesterday, when I talked to him, he listed to me like I was a Messiah addressing his people for the first time.

If you want somebody to listen to you, wait until they are ready.

People do not learn just because you are trying to teach them a lesson. They learn when they are ready to learn.

My brother is a well-behaved curious kid. He actually achieved more than the average ones. He made money from internet business and then started two more, all while being at college and earning decent grades. It’s just that mom doesn’t understand his journey, because she has not taken that path.