Synthetic Happiness


Another myth about happiness is that some people are happier than others.

Actually, we all are equally happy.

It doesn’t make sense, right?

A paraplegic, one year after losing the use of his leg and a lottery winner are equally happy.

Regardless of any major loss or gain, we tend to go back to a relatively stable state of happiness. The process is known as hedonic adaptation.

You get a promotion, you feel super happy, but six months later you go back to your old state of happiness. You have a divorce, you feel sad for a few months. Then slowly you recover and go back to your old stable state. This process continues throughout your lifetime.

Does it mean that happiness doesn’t depend on how much money we have, where we live and if we are fully functional or not? It’s hard to fathom, but it’s true.

Humans do not find happiness, they create it. When they can no longer change the situation, they change the story they tell themselves.