Making sense of people is hard because of those little variations.

For example, I am mostly an optimist. But there are things in life where I am extremely risk averse.

My degree of optimism varies for each individual matter. Same thing goes with my risk tolerance. There are numerous factors that controls my reaction to certain matters. Even my mood is a factor. Even the environment I am in. Even the people around me.

If you were to draw a model of me with everything you know about me and try to come up with your predictions, you will most likely be wrong because you will miss those little variations.

I used to scan people like airport scanner scan baggages, yet people wouldn’t make sense. So I stopped.

Now I just ask them when I can, “What is it that you want from me? How do I make you feel loved? How do I show you that I care? What are your expectations?”

Even when you ask them, you have to be aware that the answer may not be in those exact words they utter.

It’s not possible for you to be happy with people without acknowledging to yourself that they will never fully make sense. You will never really know a part of them.

People are cryptic. They are mysterious. They don’t make sense.

Photo Credit: Farah Tabassum Shamma