What language or tools can we use to build constancy?


I am lucky that I get to monitor my niece closely. Though that won’t be for long because I am moving out.

I always try to frame language in a way that will instill a sense of responsibility.

The concept of constancy is so important for a child’s development. If we can give them the idea that the world is a safe place, that people are not all evil, they will grow into the loving creatures you would be proud of. If you somehow give them the wrong idea, they will carry that for the rest of their lives and wreak havoc, make headlines for the wrong reason.

Slightly unrelated, this is why I don’t criticize anyone online anymore. Your goal is noble, you want to help them to develop. But, the ones doing most of the talking online are usually toxic ones. You are fueling the wrong crowd.

Watch to learn what language or tools you can use to build constancy?