Why does pain exist?


Life wasn’t easy on my grandma. Seeing her suffer was the most tormenting experience of my life. My grandma had suffered from multiple complications for nearly a decade before she took her last breath.

That was the beginning of my existential crisis.

Since then, I have tried to figure out some of the most fundamental questions of life relating our existence, the universe and most importantly sufferings.

I still can’t accept that life was so harsh on her.

In just a few days, it’s just another birthday. I am growing older and older and the fear is intensifying.

Will I suffer as much as my grandma did on her death bed? Will death be easy on me? Will it take months? Will it take years? How much will I suffer on my way to the graveyard?

As I said, I have figured out life and most of its crucial questions. But I must wait for this one.

Why does pain exist? I am so reluctant to answer it. It’s better that you don’t know certain things. Find an answer that your heat will accept. Philosophy isn’t for everyone.